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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Speaking of the attitude the Missionaries of Charity bring to their work with the dying and the destitute, Mother Teresa said: “There is always the danger that we may just do the work for the sake of the work. This is where the respect and the love and the devotion come in - that we do it to God, to Christ, and that's why we try to do it as beautifully as possible”.


There is no reason to think this type of attitude should be limited to one type of work.


For many the motivation springs from the desire to provide for a family and this in itself makes work a very worthy exercise. Yet a Christian understanding of work also includes the belief that we all have a right to work because it is a source of dignity. The Church also holds that workers deserve safe and reasonable conditions along with fair payment.


With all this in mind it is worth noting that Jesus calls his disciples while they are working, not to take them from their work or deprive them of a living; but to impart a new awareness of the dignity of work when we unite it with our faith in him.



Kindly Remember to Pray for

William Spencer and Bridget Moltesen who died recently, all the faithful  departed and all those living with or recovering from illness or undergoing medical treatment including: Vera Allen, Norma Andrew, Marc Bailey,  Mary Birks, Ken Boyes, Amanda Bradbury, Vera Bradbury, Archie Brocklehurst, Liz Carroll, Ethan Connolly, Margaret Cripps, Marian Cullen, Josie & John Daintith, John Daniels, Nadine Davies, Monica Dixon, Jimmy Evans, Laurie Finn, Pat Fisher, Fred Gatley, Maureen Gingell, Teresa Glover, Jamie Graham, Joan Grant, Tom Hopkins, Mary Howard, Graham Hutson, Joan Johnson, Lilly Kelly, Wendy Kirkpatrick, Fulvia Large, Esther Lloyd Jones, Renaldo Marcella, Abigail McNicholas, Eileen Moyse,  Ron Norman, James O’Hara, May O’Rourke, Mary Pajak, Charles Pendry, Margaret Pickup, Tony Potter, Fionuala Price, David Prince, Margaret Quinn, Christine Rowe, Shelley Scott, Darcie Sharp, Marian Shaw, Fred Simpson, Tom & Hazel Sudell, Canon Harry Stratton, Michael Swift, Howard Tomlinson, Pam Traynor, Pamela Verdon, Cecily Waite, Ben Watson, Ann Weiss, John Williams & Colin Wright.