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Newsletter 29 March 2015
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Passion (Palm) Sunday

Scripture Refelection

An ancient tradition says that Jerusalem means City of Peace. Through the centuries Jerusalem has been anything but a city of peace. It has been attacked, destroyed, and plundered on numerous occasions. Today it is the eye of a storm that is causing death and destruction.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem to become its messiah. He came not at the head of a conquering army but riding on a donkey, the animal we refer to as an ass. He came not to play God but to “empty himself and take the form of a slave.” He came to face rejection: “With that, all deserted him and fled.” Mark’s picture of Jesus’ rejection is bleak. There are no disciples around at the end, no relatives, not even God: “Why have you forsaken me?”


What will it take for us to understand the meaning of the cross, how Jesus made peace possible by his own suffering and dying? We keep thinking that we will bring peace by killing others in war; Jesus showed us that we bring peace by dying for others.

Gerald Darring

Kindly Remember to Pray for

Barbara Cooney and Eddie Howard who died recently—All  the faithful  departed and all those living with or recovering from illness or undergoing medical treatment including: Eileen Allen, Vera Allen, Marc Bailey,  Mary Birks, Ken Boyes, Amanda Bradbury, Vera Bradbury, Archie Brocklehurst, Liz Carroll, Ethan Connolly, Marian Cullen,  Josie & John Daintith, John Daniels, Nadine Davies, Monica Dixon, Jimmy Evans, Laurie Finn, Teresa  & John Glover, Joan Grant, Tom Hopkins, Mary Howard, Graham Hutson, Joan Johnson, Lilly Kelly, Wendy Kirkpatrick, Fulvia Large, John Lee, Esther Lloyd Jones, Renaldo Marcella, Paul McGrath, Abigail McNicholas, Eileen Moyse, Joan Murray,  Ron Norman, James O’Hara, May O’Rourke, Mary Pajak, Charles Pendry, Margaret Pickup, Tony Potter, Fionuala Price, David Prince, Margaret Quinn, Christine Rowe, Shelley Scott, Tommy Sharkey, Marian Shaw , Tom & Hazel Sudell, Michael Swift, Enid Thompson, Ronnie Thompson, Cecily Waite, Rose Walsh, Ben Watson, Ann Weiss, Margaret Wightman, Francis Williams, John Williams & Colin Wright.

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The motto chosen by Blessed John Henry Newman reflects our desire to be a community that:


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