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Pentecost Sunday

Solemnity of the Holy Trinity
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Everything the Father has belongs to the Word. Everything that the Word has belongs to the Spirit. Everything the Spirit has belongs to us, if we say yes to it. This third part of God bestows us and the whole earth back upon the Father.


What liveliness, what transformation there is in God: speaking, reaching out, flowing forth, receiving back. God is like liquid motion, like a dynamism in which everything is changing always, yet remains always the same—because it is rooted in love, because it is love.


John Foley SJ



Novena for Jubilee Year of Mercy

On nine first Fridays of the Year of Mercy we are holding a novena with prayers and readings to help us reflect and act upon the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. This will be followed by a simple lunch of soup and bread with a basket provided for donations towards charitable causes. The next of these is held on Friday 3 June at 12 noon.

Whenever a hand reaches out to do good or to show the love of Christ, to dry a tear or bring comfort to the lonely, to show the way to one who is lost or to console a broken heart, to help the fallen or to teach those thirsting for truth, to forgive or to offer a new start in God ... know that the Pope is at your side, the Pope supports you. Pope Francis

Kindly Remember to Pray for

Louisa Mary Bennett who died recently, all  the faithful  departed and all those living with or recovering from illness or undergoing medical treatment including: Vera Allen, Marc Bailey, Mary Birks, Ken Boyes, Amanda Bradbury, Vera Bradbury, Archie Brocklehurst, Liz Carroll, Ethan Connolly, Margaret Cripps, Marian Cullen, Josie & John Daintith, John Daniels, Nadine Davies, Monica Dixon, Jimmy Evans, Laurie Finn, Pat Fisher, Fred Gatley, Larry Gilfedder, Maureen Gingell, Teresa Glover, Jamie Graham, Joan Grant, Tom Hopkins, Mary Howard, Graham Hutson, Joan Johnson, Mary Kellett, Lilly Kelly, Wendy Kirkpatrick, Fulvia Large, Esther Lloyd Jones, Renaldo Marcella, Abigail McNicholas, Eileen Moyse,  Ron Norman, James O’Hara, May O’Rourke, Mary Pajak, Charles Pendry, Margaret Pickup, Tony Potter, Fionuala Price, David Prince, Margaret Quinn, Christine Rowe, Shelley Scott, Darcie Sharp, Fred Simpson, Margaret Smith, Tom & Hazel Sudell, Canon Harry Stratton, Michael Swift, Joan Thompson, Howard Tomlinson, Pam Traynor, Pamela Verdon, Cecily Waite, Ben Watson, Ann Weiss, Graham Wilkes, John Williams & Colin Wright.