How You Can Help in the Parish

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Your Contribution to Parish Life

We dedicated our Church building to the LOVE OF GOD AND NEIGHBOUR. We try and live this out in many ways relying on the generosity, skill and good humour of many volunteers. If you would like to bring your own gifts to these activities please let us know. There are a variety of ways in which you can do this. Some are described below. They include: Community Service, Care of the Church, Hospitality, Sharing our Faith, Liturgy and Worship and Parish Administration. Please see if there are any that you could bring your own time, skills and enthusiasm to.

Community Service

Christians are often found at the heart of many community organisations and campaigns. Some of our own community have been hands on involved with Warrington's response to the refugee crisis.


We also have a strong connection with which provides a wide range of services and support for local families. 


Three other specifically Catholic organisations are well represented in the parish. Our SVP group and our Legion of Mary group each provide friendship and care to the housebound in our neighbourhood among other activities. And our support for CAFOD is the principal means by which we show our solidarity with the needs of the global community.


If you are interested in lending a hand with any of these initiatives please let us know and we will put you in touch with the relevant contact.

Caring for our Church

The great unsung heroes of our parish are the dedicated team that blitz the building at least once a month. This really is a case of many hands making the work lighter. So if you think you could join in on any of the Monday morning sessions advertised in the news letter please do come along and you will be assigned a task  and equipped for the job!


Mention should also be made of those who ensure that adequate seating is arranged for the size of congregation. If this is something you can help with on an ad hoc basis please let us know.

With the church clean and tidy a very small group of flower arrangers bring their creative talents and skill to enhance the setting for our liturgies with often stunning seasonal displays.


Given that one consequence of our under floor heating has been that fresh flowers soon dry out our arrangements are prepared with artificial flowers. The upside of this is that the team does not have to work every week and can plan and prepare ahead of events.


Being blessed with a well equipped kitchen and a spacious hospitality zone has enabled us to strengthen the social dimension of parish life. Refreshments are served after the weekend Masses once each month by small teams of volunteers. A three monthly rota system helps to prevent the burden falling on the same shoulders too often.


If you are able to join with one of these teams and/ or be part of the group that helps us offer hospitality on other occasions you would be very welcome.

Sharing Our Faith

Our Catholic Schools to a tremendous job in witnessing to the core values of the Gospel. They are also the place in which the majority of young Catholics are enabled to learn about and celebrate the Catholic traditions. Add to this the many ways in which the students initiate and support fund raising initiatives and we can see that next generation is already playing its part.


But there is always more to learn about our Catholic Faith and some of the work of teaching various aspects of faith and preparing for celebrating the sacraments take place at church.


There are monthly sessions for parents arranging Baptism for children. We also provide sacramental preparation for children not attending a Catholic primary school.


Confirmation preparation is on a bi-annual basis and a small team help young parishioners to prepare with weekly gatherings over a couple of months.


As adults we too can benefit from engaging with different aspects of Scripture and Tradition and so there are occasional courses and sessions.


Adults considering becoming Catholic are helped to do so through a series of tailor made discussions. These are arranged as required and preferably in the context of a small group of enquirers who can support each other on their journey of faith.


Al of the above activities require people of faith who are willing to lend a hand to others. We are always looking for those with the confidence and skill to listen, communicate and teach. If this is something you might be interested in then please speak with Fr Peter.

Worship and Liturgy

Greeters, Altar Servers, Sacristy Assistants, Musicians, Singers, Little Church Leaders, Ministers of the Word, and Ministers of Holy Communion, all play a part in bringing a joyous, prayerful and communal spirit to our liturgical celebrations. 


Feel free to enquire about any of these activities.

Parish Administration

Another unseen and yet vital contribution to helping our parish community to flourish. Among the tasks involved is preparing the parish bulletin, maintaining the web-site, administering the planned giving scheme and gift aid, recording and administering parish accounts, counting the weekly collections, keeping parish registers up to date and acting as an Authorised person for civil marriage requirements.


Discretion, reliability and respect for confidentiality along with an ability to cope the idiosyncrasies of the parish priest are essential.