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Exploring Faith

 Even atheists do theology. We do theology whenever we talk about God and the ‘question does God exist?’ is one of the biggest questions of all. For someone who believes there is a God theology becomes what St Anselm called ‘faith seeking understanding.’ Christian theology involves talking about God in the way Jesus talks about God; including interpretation of the scriptures and the use of stories. It also brings us into conversation with believers over the whole two thousand years that the Church has reflected on who Jesus is. Following the example of St Paul we also engage with serious thinkers and philosophers trying to discover a language which will help us to understand one another and to respect the integrity of all who yearn for the truth. This explains why some theology can seem complicated and dry. But not all talk about God is like this. There are ways of talking about God that help us to deepen our awareness and understanding whatever our intellectual abilities are.


In the parish there are occasional opportunities and talks that enable us to meet and share our understanding. Some of the most stimulating discussions arise when people join in the RCIA course with the intention of becoming a Catholic. If you have any subjects that you would be interested in pursuing feel free to email Father Peter and if others show an interest something might just happen!

Diocesan Resources

The Diocese can offer various possibilities for those wanting to explore further. Increasing numbers of adults are taking this up and discovering new depths to their faith.


Among the courses on offer is the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies which gives a preliminary understanding of Catholic Theology. This course is particularly useful for teachers in Catholic schools, but others have found that it acts as a stepping stone to other studies.