WELCOME and THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT: even if you make only a fleeting visit to this web site or to our beautiful church, we hope you will feel welcome, encouraged and inspired by God's love.

A Community where Heart Speaks to Heart

The motto chosen by Blessed John Henry Newman when he became a cardinal reflects our desire to be a community that:

  • listens attentively to God in scripture, tradition, creation and human hearts.
  • shares our faith in a spirit of love.
  • respects our world, our Catholic heritage and our shared humanity and the sincerity of personal convictions.


ANDREW THORLEY and his friend Dave completed their Coast to Coast ride for CAFOD at Southport on Wednesday 30 July. CAFOD is currently supporting the many refugees in Syria, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Well Done!


Regular parishioners engage with the debate on Family Life


The Church is preparing for a Synod on Family Life - join in the discussion by visiting the SYNOD ON FAMILY LIFE PAGE


Shrewsbury ... shall be a name 'as stirring to the heart as the glories we have lost'  

John Henry Newman

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    emma (Monday, 26 May 2014 22:55)

    Thank you for providing such a helpful guide to your parish

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