WELCOME and THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT: even if you make only a fleeting visit to this web site or to our beautiful church, we hope you will feel welcome, encouraged and inspired by God's love.

A Community where Heart Speaks to Heart

The motto chosen by Blessed John Henry Newman when he became a cardinal reflects our desire to be a community that:

  • listens attentively to God in scripture, tradition, creation and human hearts.
  • shares our faith in a spirit of love.
  • respects our world, our Catholic heritage and our shared humanity and the sincerity of personal convictions.

Regular parishioners engage with the debate on Family Life


The Church is preparing for a Synod on Family Life - join in the discussion by visiting the SYNOD ON FAMILY LIFE PAGE


Shrewsbury ... shall be a name 'as stirring to the heart as the glories we have lost'  

John Henry Newman

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    emma (Monday, 26 May 2014 22:55)

    Thank you for providing such a helpful guide to your parish

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