In Touch with God

where heart speaks to heart

In the parish there are several ways in which some of us come together to explore and support our life of prayer. But there is always more to discover. We can draw inspiration form the advice of Pope John Paul II who wrote:


Dear brothers and sisters, our Christian communities must become genuine "schools" of prayer, where the meeting with Christ is expressed not just in imploring help but also in thanksgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening and ardent devotion, until the heart truly "falls in love".


Christian Life Community


Being a disciple of Jesus involves making decisions that are in keeping with gospel values. For some the experience to be found in sharing aspects of the Christian life with others can be a real help and stimulus. This is the kind of support Christian Life Communities can provide.


The Christian Life Community is a lay organization and a world community. Day to day membership is found in local communities of 6-10 people sharing some aspects of a common way of life based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Its members are drawn from all walks of life to whom it offers a space to respond more fully to God's loving desires for them. The saying “finding God in all things” sums up this approach.


Some members of our parish take part in a Christian Life Community with other Christians from the neighbourhood. Their meetings are held in church on a fortnightly basis. 


Rosary Group


Unknown to many is a small circle of friends who have been meeting in each other's homes for a number of years to pray the rosary and we would commend this idea to other groups of friends and neighbours.


Legion of Mary


Our Legion of Mary group now plays a part in nurturing traditional devotions in the parish.


Tumble Trust


A national programme of retreats and workshops organised by a local parishioner which has a unique take on various aspects of prayer, relaxation, companionship and spirituality. You may like to visit their website for further information.