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"When you enter a house, first say, 'Peace to this house.' Luke 10: 5

Arranging a Home Visit or Blessing

For most people the pattern of daily life has changed a great deal since the days when the clergy were regular visitors to their homes. Add to this the fact that there are fewer clergy and it becomes obvious that systematic and regular visits are no longer the norm. However,Catholics believe that Home is a Holy Place. It is holy because it is the dwelling place for baptised people who are temples of the Holy Spirit. Home is a holy place because those who live there share God’s love and forgiveness. Although it is easy to forget this in the daily struggles and duties of life it is still a good thing for families and individuals to snatch moments of prayer, perhaps before and after meals; morning and night prayers etc.


The tradition of blessings for new homes or as part of important family events is a good way to remind ourselves that we belong to a wider Church family. The visit of a representative who prays with us and invokes God’s blessing is an act of hospitality and faith. Fr Peter or Deacon John, are happy to make such visits at mutually agreeable times.


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