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Families come in all shapes and sizes and children are a special blessing. Our parish tries to make everyone welcome and to provide support and encouragement to parents preparing to have their children baptised.

Arranging a Baptism

In ordinary circumstances Baptisms are held on most Sundays at 12.30 pm

The number of requests we receive requires that two families may share the same date.


First Step

You can begin to make arrangements by sending us the following details: the name of the child, their date of birth, the names of the parents/guardians and contact email or telephone number to: 


Parents' Preparation Meetings

You will be invited to come along to one of our monthly preparation meetings where you will be given some practical advice including what happens when we celebrate baptism and be able to ask your own questions. You will also be able to complete a formal booking and nominate godparents. The meeting usually takes place at 7 pm on the first Monday of each month with the exception of August and Bank Holidays.



Because you are asking for your child to be baptised as a Catholic it is important that you nominate at least one godparent who is a practising Catholic as a real help to you and the child in the development of a life of faith in the years ahead. Given the words they are expected to speak in the promises and acts of faith that are part of the service; it would be disrespectful to the integrity of those who have no faith in God to nominate them as god parents. There are other ways in which they can and will support you and your child.


What does it cost?

There is no set fee for the Baptism. However we hope you will decide to make a reasonable contribution to the Church as an act of appreciation both to God and to the parish and to help us continue to provide for others.