Holy Communion and Reconciliation

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Reception of Holy Communion marks a turning point in a child's life. Besides signalling a more active involvement in the community of believers, regular reception of communion fosters in the child a relationship with Jesus that is central to his or her religious development.

Preparing Children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion

Children attending Catholic Schools

Our parish primary schools work together to support the preparation of our children for these sacraments in Year 3. An important element in the preparation is a series of parish family Masses that focus on the importance of Gathering, Listening, Thanking, Sharing and Going into the World. 


Children not attending Catholic Schools

Parents of children not attending our schools are responsible for contacting us in good time so that arrangements can be made for their children to be included in these activities. This should be no later than the end of September for children being prepared to celebrate these sacraments the following summer. Our parish Catechetical Coordinator will arrange suitable preparation sessions and it is expected that parents will provide full support for their children in attending these. 


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Reconciliation and Holy Communion Programme Registration Form
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