Becoming a Catholic

where heart speaks to heart

"I said yes to being a Catholic. I think of the word Catholic as meaning everybody. It wasn’t for me an intellectual process at that point. I saw our kids out there, and our friends, and all those people that you know and that you don’t know. And I think that the Catholic Church, beyond the theology and the truth claims, is about accepting all of humanity. It’s like all of us people are in here together and we’re going to struggle through it somehow, and that is really what any of those words mean."

The Journey

If you have been thinking about becoming a Catholic we want to help you explore your thoughts a little further in a way that respects your personality, your life story, your questions and your enthusiasms. That is why anyone interested in becoming a Catholic is initially called an enquirer. Your story up to this point is respected by this and you bring your own gifts and insights to help enrich the church for as our Patron John Henry Newman recognised: The Church must be prepared for converts, as well as converts for the Church


Some questions are never fully answered because our continued search for answers is what faith is all about.


Once your initial questions have been addressed and your desire to become a Catholic outweighs any reservations you can ask to enrol as a candidate for reception into the Church.


A wonderful experience awaits you if you have never been baptised. You will be introduced to the treasure trove of the scriptures, our core beliefs, the sacraments and prayer. You will choose a sponsor to be a true friend and companion on your journey of faith and to stand by your side every step of the way.


As Easter approaches, if you are confident that you want to take the next step you may be invited to take part in a celebration at Shrewsbury Cathedral when you will meet people with the same desire from other parishes of the diocese and be formally invited by the bishop to prepare for Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.


Those who have already been baptised and who have taken an active part in the life of another Christian community will be asked to make a renewed act of faith before they are Confirmed and receive the Eucharist.


But remember you don’t have to sign up to everything all at once. You can make a discrete enquiry by speaking with Fr Peter, Deacon John, or Sister Catherine.