Your Gift of Financial Support

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Until now this Page has been languishing towards the bottom of the list to reflect the fact that important as financial contributions are in enabling the parish to continue; Money is not the be all and end it all of parish lifeBut it won't come as a surprise to hear that while there are no Sunday Masses parish income has been taking a big hit

This can now be done by means of an on line giving scheme that directs your donation to the parish


Just to let you know that those who enter

"a message of support" in the box provided

may find it being posted on the company website together with your name.

If I were you I would think twice about this.


Alternatively, if you want to adopt a Standing Order payment you can apply for a copy of the mandate. This can be completed and sent direct to your bank or building society.


If you have any questions let Fr Peter know and he will put you in touch with our parish organiser.


Built of Living Stones

Bridget Francis Photography
Bridget Francis Photography

The Church is the temple of God built of living stones

 (From the Rite for the Dedication of a Church) 

You can help us pay for our church by meeting the cost of one or more of its 4000 pieces of beautiful stonework. You can make your donation in multiples of £12 (the estimated cost of each stone). This will have added value if you are a taxpayer and arrange to gift aid your donation. Please send for a copy of our Living Stones donation form

Your Financial Support

Christians have an instinctive appreciation that we are stewards of all we receive from God. At the heart of our lives is an act of thanksgiving and self-giving – the Eucharist. So we try to receive the gifts of creation and the fruit of our labour with a spirit of gratitude and generosity.


There are several ways in which you can support the parish financially and our Planned Giving Organiser Tricia Reilly will advise you on how you can lend your support in these ways.


  • Weekly or monthly planned giving – by means of standing orders or the use of offertory envelopes.
  • Gift aiding of contributions by those paying income tax (including of one-off or occasional donations) enables the parish to recover the tax paid on your donations and is a simple way of maximising your contribution.

The parish 200 Club costs £1 per week and the weekly draw gives cash prizes of approximately £85 with an equal amount going to parish funds. This is organised by Maureen Creaghan and Jean Howard who are always happy to induct new members.


One off donations are always welcome, particularly towards the costs of building the new church.


We have a helpful leaflet giving details about leaving a legacy to the parish in your will. Although it is advised that bequests are made to the Trustees of the Diocese of Shrewsbury, they can be accredited to the parish account by using the following form of wording: ‘I give free of all inheritance or other taxes the sum of £…. (or the residue of my estate) to the Shrewsbury Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees Registered of 2 Park Road South, Prenton Wirral, CH43 4UX for the general charitable purposes of the Shrewsbury Diocese with the request but without imposing any trust that the same money be used for the purposes of contributing to the parish of Saint John Henry Newman Parish, Latchford. And I declare that the receipt of the Financial Secretary or other authorised officer of the said Diocese shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Executors’.

Just Giving

The choice to either possess or be possessed by money and material things can have a real and defining impact on our lives. Christians have always sought to open their hearts to those in greatest need. We have also developed an appreciation that the wealth enjoyed by some has come at the expense of others. For this reason we no longer give simply as an act of charity but conscious that we are also redressing some of the world’s injustices. Locally we support the St Joseph’s Family Centre and St Rocco’s Hospice among other causes. Generous contributions to CAFOD and other internationally renowned organisations remind us that we are part of a global community.