Holy Week at Home

We might not be able to get to church this Holy Week so church is coming home to you this Easter: Take a LOOK FOR YOURSELVES

Please note that there is a lot of material to choose from so see what will help you make the very best of this most Holy Week

God Forgives YOU

God's Forgiveness on Offer in Holy Week

We have been given a formal assurance by Pope Francis that in these exceptional circumstances we are dispensed from the requirement to perform our Easter duties. So today's short service invites you to make a searching examination of conscience. Not to make you feel bad. But on the contrary; to engage directly with God's tender mercy by acknowledging those aspects of your life that you know in your heart require forgiveness. The Act of Contrition then becomes a true moment of grace and release.

Receiving God's Forgiveness in Holy Week
Turning to God's Loving Mercy in Holy We
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The Bethany Anointing

Today's reflection considers a very significant incident in the days leading up to Jesus's crucifixion. During a meal, a woman (sometimes identified as Mary Magdalene) performed a radical act of homage. Taking a most expensive ointment she anointed Jesus totally at her own initiative. The reflection for today acknowledges her great act.

Reflecting on the Significance of a Simple Ritual
The Bethany Anointing pdf.pdf
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Holy Thursday

Invite Jesus to Your Home this Holy Thursday

Today is the day on which we recall the Last Supper. This year it is not possible for this to be done as a congregation at church.  So you are invited to have an Agape Meal at home. Preferably nothing too fancy. Neither should it attempt to mimic a Eucharist by using only bread and wine. Perhaps it might be reserved for the desert after the usual evening meal.


Later in the evening there will be an opportunity to remember Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane with a 30 minute broadcast service on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ablessingonourhomes/

Agape Booklet for Holy Thursday 2020
Agape Booklet Holy Thursday 2020 pdf.pdf
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Guidelines for the Agape Meal
Agape Guidelines pdf.pdf
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Scripture Readings
Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper - Scri
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Night Watching with Jesus Booklet for Holy Thursday 2020
There will be a Broadcast Service of Watching on the parish Facebook pages at 8pm on Holy Thursday evening.
Holy Thursday Prayers (1) At Home Versio
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Good Friday

For several years now we have topped and tailed the great Solemn Commemoration of the Lord's Passion with two more reflective services.


In the morning a more interactive service using material refashioned from the Wild Goose Worship Group based on an imagined Trial of Jesus. This usually takes place in front of an image of a fabulous piece of art by Mark Wallinger - Ecce Homo Behold the Man.


Then in the evening we have a service focusing on the women who witnessed Jesus's death and the women of faith throughout the ages who have been sidelined, overlooked or put down. The tow images lie at the heart of this service: the Cross that has been centre stage since the afternoon liturgy, and a Pieta, with Mary cradling the dead body of the son she first cradles in Bethlehem.

Remembering the Lord's Passion
The Readings as used every year on God Friday
Good Friday Solemn Commemoration of the
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Holy Saturday

Behold the Man
Imagining the Trial of Jesus - A Service for Good Friday Morning
Full Text Behold the Man Good Friday Ser
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Ecce Homo Mark Wallinger 2000ad
Print your Own Copy
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Pieta With Mary at the Foot of the Cross
A Service for Good Friday Evening
This service will be broadcast at 5 pm on God Friday via our Facebook A Blessing on Our Homes Page
Pieta at Home 2020 pdf.pdf
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At the Tomb

At the Tomb
Poetry, Prayers, Images and Music on the theme of Hope as we Await the Resurrection
Holy Saturday Morning Prayer Service FUL
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What to put in your Easter Basket and Why
There will be a broadcast service of blessing at 11 am on Holy Saturday Morning on our Facebook pages
Easter Baskets pdf.pdf
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Easter Vigil

We have prepared a version of the first part of the Easter Vigil for Families to use at home.

It includes the dedication of a family Easter Candle

How it Works
Easter Vigil at Home 2020 pdf.pdf
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Facebook Vigil


Fr Peter invites you to join him for the first part of the Easter Vigil with a Facebook Broadcast from his Home.




Every Home Should Have an Easter Candle

Practical Advice about Decorating an Easter Candle
Decorate A Family Paschal Candle pdf.pdf
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Easter Sunday

 Join us on our Facebook A Blessing on Our Homes Page on Easter Sunday Morning at 11 am for:


An Easter Message from Father Peter