Worship and Liturgy

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Please note this page is at an early stage of development (including pictures) and its content has only just begun to be prepared. You will find information about things like the ministries of Reading at Massassisting with Holy Communionbeing an Altar Serverthe Children's Liturgythe Welcoming Team and Musicians.Please return to see how it progresses. Thank you for your patience.

Liturgical Life

Our liturgies aim to give authentic expression to the daily life and concerns of the community within the tradition of the Church.


We aim to enable as many and people as possible to make a contribution to the celebration of our liturgies. Ministries include greeting, music and singing, serving, proclaiming the word, facilitating the Liturgy of the Word for Children and distributing holy communion.


For those who want to take another look at the content of some of the homilies preached at our liturgies.