Liturgical Ministries I

From a sermon by Cesarius of Arles

 I have a question for you, brothers and sisters. Which do you think more important - the word of God or the body of Christ? If you want to answer correctly, you must tell me that the word of God is no less important than the body of Christ. How careful we are, when the body of Christ is distributed to us, not to let any bit of it fall to the ground from our hand! But we should be just as careful not to let slip from our hearts the word of God that is addressed to us.



Eucharistic Ministry

Mihi quidem Antiochum, quem audis, satis belle videris attendere. Hanc igitur quoque transfer in animum dirigentes.

Music and Singing

Currently one of the great blessings of our parish is the fact that we have singing at all of our Masses. We welcome those with the enthusiasm, talent and will to contribute as musicians, singers and cantors.