Liturgical Life

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The Family that Prays Together Stays Together

This page is in the early stages of development but you will find information about things like the ministries of Reading at Mass, assisting with Holy Communion, being an Altar Server, the Children's Liturgy, the Welcoming Team and Musicians.


The Liturgical Year

Catholic Liturgy follows a rich calendar of seasons and feasts. Each of these has a distinct character that we try and reflect in our parish liturgies.

Liturgical Style

We try and celebrate our liturgies in a style that reflects our core values as a welcoming, respectful and listening community. We share our time and our prayers in ways that give voice to our concern for individuals, communities, the planet and all creation.

Prayer of the Church

We encourage members of the parish to join in some public celebrations of the Divine Office such as Morning Prayer (Lauds), Evening Prayer (Vespers) and Night Prayer (Comp-line).